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Why does My Robot Vacuum Keep Stopping?


Since the use of vacuum robots, the home work has become easier. However, sometimes sweeping robots can makes problems because of suddenly stopping during the cleaning process. So what exactly causes the robot to stop working? Well, this blog will give you common reasons and solutions.


What are The Common Causes Of Robot Vacuum Stopping?
1. Battery
We should first check whether the sweeping robot has power and whether the battery is faulty. Most sweeping robots will automatically return to the base station for charging, but if the return to base station command fails, the sweeping robot may continue to work until the battery is 0%.

① Check the power of sweeping robot on APP. If the power is insufficient, you need to manually put it back to the base station for charging.
② Check the charging status to see if there is a problem with the battery and it cannot be charged.
③After the battery is fully charged, the sweeping robot continues to work and check whether it can automatically return to the base station. If there is any problem, please contact after-sales personnel to solve it.


2. Tangled Brushes, Clogged Suction, Wheel Obstructions
The robot cleaner will suck up hair and other objects, and will also encounter different obstacles. Hair may entangle the brushes, wheels, etc.under long-term use.

Use a small tool such as a toothbrush to clean the hair on the brush or wheel, clear the blockage near the suction port, then retest to check whether it continues to work.

3. Wi-Fi Connectivity
When the intelligent sweeping robot completes some functions, it needs to connect to the home wi-fi network in advance. If there is a problem with the network signal, the robot will not be able to receive instructions and then stop working. Check if the software needs to be updated, which may cause the signal of the sweeping robot to be disconnected.

Restart the vacuum robot, update the software, connect to wifi and test again.

4. Motor failure
If the sweeping robot chooses a low-quality motor during production, the motor runs at high speed for a long time and may overheat and malfunction. In this case, the robot must be returned to the brand to replace the motor.


We detail the most common reasons that vacuum robots stop. The description is more comprehensive. If you meet this problem, you can repair them according to solutions. If the problem cannot be solved, you can contact the brand after-sales service

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