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Are Electric Composters Good for the Environment?


Most common tradition methods of waste disposal are landfill, incineration, biodegradation, etc. However, in recent years, an electric composter product has sold on the market. The brand promotes that it can turn kitchen waste into fertilizer and you can use it for garden soil. However, with the popularity of electric composters, there is a growing debate about whether composters are really good for the environment? This blog will solve this question for you.


What is an electric kitchen composter?
The composter heats, dries, and crushes food waste under a certain temperature and humidity. After that, you can have dry something. Whether these dry items can be used directly as fertilizer depends on whether microbial fermentation process during the working time of the composter.

Environmental Impact
1. Waste Reduction
Organic waste will often be landfilled and takes a long time to ferment naturally. Using a home composter can facilitate the processing of food waste, reduce carbon footprint, and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Reduced Methane Emissions
The decomposition of organic waste in landfills will release methane gas, a  more dangerous greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.


3. Soil Health
The waste processed by the composter can be placed directly into the garden soil, which can improve the soil structure.


Electric composter recommendation
M100 is an electric composter newly developed and designed by our company. Compared with other composters on the market, it has five major upgrade points.

1. Capacity Upgrade
Based on the previous capacity of 2.5L, it has been upgraded to 4L, which can process more garbage at one time and is efficient and energy-saving.

2. Not Easy to Jam
Research has found that the grinding blades of other composters on the market are prone to breakage. We have upgraded the blades to improve the quality of the blades. We have also set up an automatic reversal grinding program. When the blades encounter obstacles, they will automatically reverse. Avoid blade failure, thereby improving grinding efficiency and effect.

3. Intelligent Composting
The composter time can be set according to the garbage capacity, and during the working process, the composter will automatically detect and adjust the temperature and humidity in the barrel to ensure that the garbage is better processed.

4. Better Deodorizing Effect
Using 520g large-capacity, high-quality activated carbon, it can better remove odors during garbage disposal.

5. Multiple Safety Designs
Kitchen composting machines need to be heated for a long time to process garbage. In order to avoid machine failure and safety issues caused by excessive temperature, M100 is equipped with fan short-circuit protection, barrel overheating protection, motor overheating protection and other procedures, which not only extends the service life of the machine, but also safety issues can be avoided.

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