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Robot Vacuum Vs Regular Vacuum: Can Robot Vacuums Replace Vacuum Cleaners?


With the highly developed intelligent cleaning technology, a variety of cleaning household appliances have emerged on the market, and the cleaning mode has shifted from traditional manual vacuum to automatic cleaning.With the increasing improvement and popularization of vacuum robot technology, more and more consumers are choosing to purchase sweeping robots. However, can robot vacuums replace traditional vacuum cleaners? Which is better? We will discuss these issues to help you make a choice.


Traditional Vacuum Cleaners
The working principle of regular vacuum cleaners is the motor runs at high speed to create a pressure difference and then the garbage is sucked into the interior of the vacuum cleaner. They are available as upright, canister, and handheld models.

Upright vacuum cleaners are usually divided into cordless and wired designs, suitable for cleaning large area carpets. Canister vacuum cleaners are larger in size and have the highest suction power, and are often used in public places such as hotels and shopping malls.Handheld vacuum cleaners are exquisite in appearance, mostly rechargeable design for cleaning local areas such as sofas.

Robot Vacuums
The robot vacuum is composed of motors, sensors, and software algorithms. It can automatically avoid obstacles, clean floor and other functions. It is usually controlled by APP software.

The core functions of the sweeping robot are mapping, path planning, obstacle avoidance, and automatic cleaning. The prices and configurations of robots vary greatly. The higher configuration such as sensors, the robot cleaner is more intelligent.


Robot Vacuum VS Traditional Vacuums


Cleaning Effect
Traditional vacuums rely on their powerful suction power to easily absorb hair on carpets, but due to their large size, it is difficult to clean under the bed.
Normally, the suction power of a sweeping robot is between 2000pa and 6000pa, which is very suitable for cleaning hard floors. Although the sweeping robot can also clean carpets, the effect will be worse than the traditional vacuum. At the same time, the sweeping robot has a small size, easily enter the bottom of the sofa and bed for cleaning. However, the cleaning effect will be worse in corner areas.


Easy to Use
Traditional vacuums are usually operated by buttons, which is simple and convenient, but it takes a lot of time to manually clean floors and carpets. If you do this for a long time, your arms will feel sore.
The advantage of robot cleaner is they can replace manual cleaning. The sweeping robot can be started with one click or intelligently operated by APP to clean at regular time. You do not need to spend time and energy cleaning manually. You can also set areas that are prohibited from cleaning, and the robot will clean them exactly according to your instructions.

Traditional vacuums have higher motor speeds, stronger suction, and louder noise, which is very unfriendly to families with pets.
In comparison, the noise of a sweeping robot will be lower, usually between 30-70db, and there will also be sound insulation materials inside the robot to reduce the overall noise. You can choose to clean when you are not at home to avoid noise disturbance.

Can robot vacuums replace traditional models?
The choice between a sweeping robot and a traditional model depends on the home environment.

If there are many carpets on the floor in your home, choose a traditional vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning, which can deeply clean dust and hair. If your home environment is relatively simple, it is very suitable to choose a vacuum robot. It can save time and energy and is very suitable for daily cleaning. For local areas, you may have to clean them manually.

You can also choose a sweeping robot to clean the whole house first to save your energy. For dirty areas such as carpets and corners, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean. Using the two models together can save time and ensure cleaning results. But if you do this, You may have an empty pocket this month.

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