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What to Consider When Buying a Robot Vacuum


In recent years, vacuum robots have become more and more popular among consumers because they make cleaning a breeze. However, there are so many types of robots on the market that it is difficult to choose. We have gathered 6 must-know features about sweeping robots to you.

You Need to Know Before Buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

1. Cleaning Ability

The suction power of the robot determines the cleaning efficiency and effect, usually measured in pa. The larger the value, the greater the suction power. Under different working modes, the corresponding suction power is different, and in the face of different cleaning environments, the suction power requirements are also different. For example, carpets often require greater suction power to clean. Not all brands will clearly inform you of the suction value, so we must ask clearly before purchasing a robot cleaner.


2. Battery Life

The robot adopts a wireless design, and the cleaning range depends on the battery life. The battery capacity can be selected according to the cleaning area. It is best to choose a robot with a working time of more than 30 minutes. In daily maintenance, frequent charging should also be avoided, which can better extend the service life of the battery.


3. Low Noise

Pets are very sensitive to sound. If you have pets at home, be sure to pay more attention to noise. Normally, the greater the suction power, the louder the noise will be. Considering pets, it is recommended that you choose a robot vacuum with suitable suction power and purchase several models to test the noise level to choose the one that suits your family.


4. Navigation

Robot map construction mainly depends on the two dimensions of efficiency and accuracy. Under normal circumstances, LDS laser navigation has low environmental requirements and is more accurate and efficient, while visual navigation will have poor composition effect in a dark environment. Gyroscope navigation achieves composition through constant bump and move, so the efficiency and accuracy will be lower.


5. Avoid Obstacles

The actual effectiveness of different vacuum robots in avoiding obstacles varies greatly. According to the accuracy of obstacle avoidance, it can be divided into

a. Determining whether there is an object.

b. Being able to identify the shape, size and other characteristics of the object, and judging the type of object;

c. Not only recognizing specific information, but also extracting rich semantic information. The higher the obstacle avoidance accuracy, the more intelligent the robot will be, and the corresponding cost will also increase.


6. Mopping the Floor

Most robots is with a mop, but not all models can mop the floor efficiently. If you need to mop the floor, you can choose a vacuum robot with a rotating mop. During the cleaning process, the mop will be exerted with strong pressure and rotate at high speed to thoroughly clean the floor.


There are too many robot cleaners of different brands and models on the market. Before buying, you need to understand the functions you care about and choose it based on your budget.

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