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Which Robot Vacuum Is Best For Pet Hair At Spairobot?


Pet owners know that cats and puppies have a shedding season every year. Pet hair can be found everywhere in the house, and we must clean it up themselves at all times. Otherwise, the hair will be sucked into the nose, causing allergic rhinitis and asthma. Choosing a suitable robot vacuum cleaner can reduce the cleaning burden and keep your home clean.
As the global birth rate continues to decrease, more families will choose pets as companions in the future. Cleaning robots for pet hair will have larger market. Here are a few cleaning problems that often plague pet owners


Tangled Pet Hair
The main brush of the sweeping robot is prone to entangled hairs and can not work, mainly because of the use of rubber main brush or rubber and bristles composed of V-shaped main brush, these two main brushes to clean up dust and debris and crevices better, but easy to entangled hairs. Our sweeping robot can choose the main brush made of all silicone, which is soft, fits the ground better and has a higher anti-tangled hair rate. The quick detachable design makes it easier for us to clean the hairs on the main brush.

Dodging Pet Waste
Pets often cause minor damage when they are home alone, resulting in floors covered in litter, so robots need more accurate obstacle avoidance systems to avoid litter while cleaning floors that could otherwise be a major disaster. The infrared obstacle avoidance systems used by typical sweeping robots are unable to recognise smaller obstacles and may suck pet toys or socks right into the machine, leading to malfunctions. The 3D AI obstacle avoidance technology we use can recognise multiple obstacles for precise obstacle avoidance.

Noise During Cleaning
Pets have a more sensitive sense of hearing than humans, and if the sweeper is too loud when cleaning and when the base station collects dust, it can cause your pet to become upset or annoyed. Therefore, choosing a good noise level below 70dB sweeper can make it more suitable for pets.We recommend three types of robot vacuums based on cleaning capabilities, budget, etc.


Fully Auto Robot Vacuum with Cleaning Base Station——M50Pro Max
M50 Pro Max is a full base station robot that integrates functions such as vacuuming, mopping, self-cleaning and drying mops, and emptying trash. Using M50 can truly free your hands. It uses a fully brushless motor, the same design as Roborock, which can reduce the noise of the robot . Pet owners know that pet hair is very light and can easily hide in corners that are difficult to clean. The overall body of the M50 Pro Max is only 8.6cm thick, which is thinner than ordinary robot cleaners and can work under sofas and beds. It can easily suck up the hair equipping with the 6000pa ultra-large suction power. when faced with debris on the carpet, M50 Pro Max will first intelligently identify the carpet, then automatically raise the mop and increase the suction power to pick up large debris.

by the way, M50 Pro Max uses a full silicone roller brush, which is not easy to tangle and is easy to clean. It is also a rare type of roller brush on the market due to the high cost of mold. After vacuuming and mopping ,the robot vacuum will return to the base station, automatically empty the dust box, and start cleaning and drying the mop. M50 Pro Max also has a video function. when worry about the dog being alone at home, you can open the video on the APP and check the status of your dog at all times.
In general, M50 Pro Max performs very well in terms of cleaning ability and convenience. At the same time, it is also expensive, with a retail price of more than 900$. It is recommended for brand customers with financial strength and market influence.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Self-Emptying Dustbin——J330
J330 is a vacuum robot cleaner with self-Empty dustbin. It uses LDS laser navigation technology,  obtains object distance information by the principle of triangular ranging, and creates a home map in real time through the SLAM algorithm, It can accurately position even in a light-free environment. This technology has a long application time and high accuracy in robot navigation. J330 is also equipped with multiple sets of infrared sensors to intelligently identify and avoid pets flexibly. We can also set the pet house as a restricted area to prohibit robots from working in this area to prevent disturbing the dog's rest.
Many families choose to buy a dark carpet because of stain resistance. However, some robots encounter the dark carpet and misjudge it as a cliff and stop working, which is very embarrassing. The j330 does not. It has a special sensor that can identify dark carpets instead of cliffs, ensuring that the robot can work normally on any color carpets.
In general, J330 is relatively outstanding and stable among the same type robots in terms of navigation, obstacle avoidance, vacuuming capabilities and other functions. The "eufy" brand we cooperating with has a high sales volume and good market feedback.


Affordable Robot Vacuum——J050A
If you want to start a robot business but a limited budget, I recommend J050A robot cleaner.
While it doesn't have a self-empty dustbin function, it does have other useful features.
Pet owners know that dogs will shed a lot of hair, and sometimes they even pee on the floor, so there will be a lot of bacteria remaining on the floor. The JO50A vacuum cleaner has a built-in UV module at the bottom, which can pick up hair while also Kills 99.9% of bacteria. It also has spot cleaning and zone cleaning functions to clean the designated area. With 1800pa suction power, there is no problem in picking up pet hair. J050A also has a 2 in 1 electronically controlled water tank, which can automatically adjust the water output to keep the mop moist and mop the floor all the time. You can choose to control the robot with APP or remote control. Overall, the JO50A is a cost-effective robot. Recommended!



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