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J330: Best Smart Strongest Suction Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dust Collection System

  • Laser navigation
  • Ultra-strong 3000 pa suction
  • Automatic dust collect
  • Electric control water tank
  • Multi-floor mapping
  • Google home, alexa control
  • 2 in 1 water tank for deep cleaning with ease
  • Anti-bacterial and deodorizing dust bag

The smart strongest suction laser navigation robot vacuum J330 is a sweeping robot with a dust collection bucket. It has dual air ducts for automatic dust collection, a built-in 3L antibacterial dust bag, and uses 360°lidar navigation and ToF along the wall sensor. It can identify black carpets, and it has 3000pa suction power and carpet boosting. It has a two-in-one electronically controlled water tank and can save 5 maps, which support Tuya, voice switching and Google Assistant.

Best Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Antibacterial Dust Bag: No Cleaning Required for 60 Days

The dust collection bucket of the smart robot vacuum cleaner J330 has a built-in 3L antibacterial dust bag. The antibacterial dust bag is made of special materials and can inhibit the growth of microorganisms while collecting garbage. It helps keep the bag clean, extends cleaning cycles, is easy to remove and quick to replace.

Efficient Dust Collection: Smart Dust Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dust Collection System

J330 is a smart dust robot vacuum. Its dust collection bucket has been optimized and updated, adopting the optimal design, using dual air ducts, having 25000pa suction power, and can quickly collecting dust within 15 seconds. There is an intelligent voice reminder before dust collection to prevent the elderly, children and pets from being frightened.