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V100: Visual Navigation Robot Vacuum with Anti-Tangle Brush and Electric Water Tank


  • Visual navigation
  • Multiple infrared sensors
  • 350ml 2-in-1 electric water tank
  • Floating anti-tangle brush
  • 76mm Body height
  • 21mm Climbing height
  • Support automatic recharging
  • Black carpet recognition


Real VSLAM(Visual SLAM) robot vacuum cleaner with visual simultaneous localization and mopping, able to cross the 2CM obstacles, anti-fall, anti-tangling, automatic recharging, support Tuya control.

Visual Navigation

4 Level Suction Power

3 Level Mopping

Automatic Recharge

Brand Battery

Tuya Control

Product Detail

  • pa

    Powerful Suction 

  • mAh

    Branded Batteries

  • cm

    Small Size.

  • mins

    Cleaning Time.