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P310: Best Advance Handheld Electric High Speed Floor Scrubber with Suction

  • 14000pa Strong suction
  • Dual language intelligent system
  • Full screen LED display
  • 5200mAh large capacity detachable battery.
  • Intelligent dirt sensing system
  • Brushless high-speed motor
  • 1.6mm edge cleaning
  • Large capacity dual water tank
  • Electrolyzed water Sterilization
  • One-touch self-cleaning and hot air drying

P310 is a handheld electric floor scrubber that supports suction and mopping, with a maximum suction power of 14,000pa, separation of clean water and sewage, a large capacity of 1000ml clean water tank, 1200ml sewage tank, and 5200mAh battery capacity. Intelligent recognition of stains, zero-edge cleaning design, multi-language voice switching, LED smart screen display, one-click self-cleaning, hot air drying, and electrolyzed water disinfection functions.

Characteristic of the Handheld Electric High Speed Floor Scrubber with Suction P310

With high cleaning efficiency, P310 is a high speed floor scrubber. High-speed rotating roller brush, more than 5 water spray pipes inside, always keeping the roller brush moist, 14000pa large suction power, inward gathering air inlet, not easy to block garbage, can directly suck in a whole piece of paper.

P310 is a floor scrubber with suction. 0 edge cleaning design, the roller brush is only 1.6mm away from the wall, and with strong suction, it can thoroughly clean the garbage in the dead corners of the wall, without the need for secondary cleaning.

P310 is a electrolyzed water machine for cleaning. Electrolyzed water sterilization, the clean water tank comes with an electrolyzed water module that can automatically generate electrolyzed water for mopping and self-cleaning, ensuring that no secondary pollution is caused during the entire cleaning process.

Sawtooth brush design, there is a row of sawtooth brushes inside the machine near the roller brush, which are used to clean the garbage stuck on the roller brush, ensuring that the garbage will enter the sewage tank according to the suction inlet and will not be thrown everywhere.