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D50: Dtof Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Fully Brushless Motor and Mop Auto lift

  • Dtof laser navigation.
  • 7 Brushless motors
  • 5L 2-in-1 water tank.
  • Antibacterial dust bag
  • Liftable mop and floatable brushes

  • 5200mAh battery capacity
  • 5000pa Suction power 
  • Polymer sterilization module
  • Support Tuya control
  • Automatic water filling and draining

D50 Pro

The D50 robot vacuum cleaner with Dtof laser navigation, 3D linear laser obstacle avoidance, 5000pa adjustable suction, and 5200mAh battery capacity. One button cleaning, automatic cleaning mop, automatic dust collection, automatic drying of the all-round base station

Multi-functional Base Station

Hidden DTOF Navigation

Linear Laser Obstacle Avoidance

Dual Rotating Lift Mop

Four Cleaning Modes

Ultrasonic Carpet Identification

Fully Brushless Motor

Full silicone brush