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CL-2001: Best Automatic High Speed Lightweight Cordless Floor Scrubber for Home Use

  • Clear water circulation system
  • 90% Water return rate
  • Dual water tank design 
  • One-touch self-cleaning at any position
  • More than 30 mins max run time
  • Light weight of the machine only 3.7kg
  • Rapid drying sewage collection system
  • 2500rpm/min Motor provides 5 times scrubbing power

The handheld electric floor scrubber CL-2001 is the best lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner that supports suction and mopping. It has an ultra-light weight of 3.7kg, a high speed of 2500RPM/min, LED smart screen to display power, one-click self-cleaning function, and electrolyzed water sterilization function. It has a removable cleaning water tank with clean water and sewage separation system and energy-saving and water-saving technology, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Most Efficient Way to Mop Floor: Efficient Cleaning Power of the High Speed Floor Scrubber

The automatic high speed floor scrubber CL-2001 can clean wet and dry garbage in one go. It has a high speed of 2500RPM/min, a water-absorbent velvet roller brush, and five built-in nozzles for efficient and continuous cleaning, completely removing dirt, oil stains and other stubborn pollutants on the ground.

Best Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Portable, Flexible and Easy to Operate

CL-2001 is the best lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner. Its net weight is only 3.7kg. It adopts an ergonomic handle design, the body is flexible and easy to turn, and only requires one-handed operation. Daily cleaning can be completed with simple control buttons. So CL-2001 can quickly and efficiently handle unexpected stains such as food residues, liquid spills, etc.